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This web page is dedicated to the Second Edition of "Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness", authored by Bob Radvanovsky and Allan McDougall.

Information contained within this web page offer references that are web-based in nature, as a measure of preserving the information contained within this book. The reason for doing this will ensure that references aren't lost, and can be quickly, and easily, retrieved for those requiring further information.

References are broken down based on each chapter contained within the book. This web page is dedicated to Chapter 2: Demand, Capacity and Emergence of Networks.

Chapter 2: Demand, Capacity and Emergence of Networks. This chapter is more theoretical than most in that it identifies an emerging trend in thinking rather than describing some of the changes in the strategic infrastructure that have taken place since the first edition. At the time of the first edition, much of the focus on critical infrastructure protection efforts were focused at the very local level—how to protect key facilities.. Recent infrastructure issues have highlighted the fact that this infrastructure is subject to impacts that can flow along interdependencies and also disruptions within its networked environment.

All links referenced are stored in a single file in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format.

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